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Mine real business value by partnering with a leading blockchain development company.


Extract real business value with Blockchain.

Accelerate digital innovation journey with Blockchain and NFT solutions

Accelerate digital innovation journey with Blockchain and NFT solutions

As an experienced blockchain and NFT Solutions company, we help organizations boost efficiency, agility and security through custom blockchain development services. We meet business leaders to consult and accelerate their initiatives by blending our extensive experience with innovation, enabling them to successfully navigate the transition towards Web 3.0 and beyond.


Reduce transaction costs

Blockchain-based technology eliminates the need for middleman. With no third-party involvement, transacting is significantly cheaper, secure and efficient.


Bolster security and transparency

Decentralized applications powered by blockchain technology gives the ability to fully track all information over the product’s entire lifecycle. This ensures transparency, traceability and security of supply chain.


Innovative payment options

Reinforce your service offering with innovative payment options, faster transactions and increased asset liquidity.


Boost operational efficiency

Blockchain technology improves business performance and processes, and streamlines your financial operations in real time – anywhere.


key offerings

Cryptocurrency exchanges

Our blockchain exchange solution includes a full-scale cryptocurrency trading platform allowing for transparent and immutable NFT transactions. The highly scalable and reliable cloud-based trading platform employs two-factor authentication, cold storage, document verifications, analytics tools, multi-sign wallets, and comprehensive reporting among other features.


Public and private blockchain

As a custom blockchain development company, we help companies set up Blockchain networks for their business and create secure decentralized databases to help store data, manage supply chains, handle transactions, or any other business needs that Blockchain can solve without jeopardizing privacy.

Decentralized crypto vaults

We provide solutions for exchanges, institutional investors, and merchants looking for secure ways to transact and store large volumes of crypto assets. This impedes security compromises on funds even if the actual servers are compromised. Our secure, comprehensive blockchain development services harness cold storage, multi-factor approvals, threshold schemes, and air- gapped transactions for 360-degree protection.

Smart contracts

We deliver all types of smart contracts that guarantee the integrity of multi- party agreements and automatically enforce fixed obligations. To make sure there are no flaws, misbehaviors or security holes in the smart contract code, we perform full-scale pre-release functional and non-functional testing.

Decentralized apps (Dapps)

We provide encrypted peer-to-peer apps with no single point of failure and zero downtime. Dapps combine a number of interrelated smart contracts, united by a business logic and frontend. Our team builds complete Dapp architecture, including communication with oracles (data feeds), and creates a comprehensive UX/UI design.

Decentralized (DeFi) solutions

With extensive experience in blockchain and fintech, our team is well- equipped to develop decentralized FinTech solutions from scratch, enabling digital transactions between multiple parties. Our DeFi blockchain development service providers harness automated market makers, staking pools, governance tokens and self-executing smart contracts for maximum transparency and autonomy.

Non-Fungible Token and Marketplace Development

Our advanced NFT development services will help you create unique NFTs based on ERC-721 token standards. These NFTs can be assigned to artwork, collectibles, videos, or any other digital assets. We are an AI-enabled blockchain development company, equipped with an extensive, diversely talented team of certified developers experienced in building robust non- fungible token marketplaces that permit clients to buy, sell and explore digital assets.


Web3 Cybersecurity and Smart Contract Audit

Our comprehensive Web3 Cybersecurity and Smart Contract Audit Services help companies launch and maintain complex blockchain applications. Deploy your smart applications with the assurance that your assets are completely shielded from malicious attacks. We help identify vulnerabilities, exploit vectors, and risk exposures across all blockchain solutions.

Smart Contract Security Audit

We assess the overall security of your smart contract to identify its weaknesses and potential vulnerabilities. Our expert smart contract auditors deliver secure, permissionless and immutable applications.

DApp Security Audit

Our team of experts help secure the most complex DApps via vulnerability testing for back-end and front-end, comprehensive penetration tests and smart contract security audits.

Penetration Testing

Using ethical hacking techniques, our team of blockchain security experts test the resilience of your IT systems, people, and organization as a whole. 10Pearls is a leading blockchain development company, holding all top security partnerships and certifications including AWS Certifications, BTA Certifications, ISO/IEC 27001, CIPP and OSCP.

10Pearls holds all top security certifications including AWS Certifications, BTA Certifications, ISO/IEC 27001, CIPP and OSCP.

Business Models We Offer

Blockchain as a Service
Business Model (BaaS)

In our BaaS model, we provide blockchain development services like user authentication, database management, remote updating, cloud storage, and hosting. As one of the most popular blockchain business models, this model empowers companies to experiment, test and conduct research, without having to worry about how blockchain or hardware infrastructure works.

Tokenomics/Utility Token

The utility token business model drives functionality into business via the use of tokens, which facilitate the network activities. We enable startups, companies, and e-commerce websites to effectively employ the utility token business model. Our blockchain development solutions comprise token minting, distribution, transfer, and burning systems that incentivize network participation while preventing misuse.

Blockchain-based Software

In this model, we design, develop and implement blockchain-based products for our customers, based on their specific needs. Our blockchain development services power the entire cycle of development and also enable continuous support. This significantly saves costs for our customers and enables them to utilize blockchain technology with maximum ROI.

A Wide range of Tools and Technologies

  • Ethereum

  • Azure Blockchain

  • IPFS

  • HyperLedger

  • Tendermint

  • BigChainDB

  • Stellar

  • Ripple

  • Service Fabric

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